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Traction Engines Steam at Euston Rural Pastimes

traction engines: the power of steam

Many years ago machines like this dominated British agriculture. In fact not only agriculture but many areas of industry. From ploughing the fields to harvesting the crops, road haulage, timber extraction….
See these impressive monsters in action, some working the same machines they did 80 to 100 years ago. Demonstrations include a working mobile sawmill, threshing machine…

The sight, sound and smell of steam never fails to impress. Steam power was as vital a part of the revolution in agriculture as it was in the industrial revolution. As our event is an event of many parts, aiming to suit all tastes, we deliberately have a small but carefully picked selection of mainly agricultural engines on show.
All the full sized engines on display have had a full working life in the countryside, mostly during the early part of the last century, running threshing machines for the mobile threshing contractors, powering a rack-saw for cutting timber or on haulage duties.

Many of the various manufacturers are represented, some built in East Anglia and we are always particularly pleased to see a Burrell or two, manufactured just up the road in Thetford.
They have all been lovingly restored from various states of neglect, are meticulously maintained and enthusiastically rallied by their owners and carers, most doing the "circuit" of steam rallies during the summer months.
We are also pleased to host a variety of scale models steam engines. Some are carefully manufactured from scratch replicas of full size counterparts, while others are built from kits, but all are fully functioning and safety tested steam engines and a credit to their builders and owners.

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